Stand Up Paddle Boarding

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Interested in joining the busy fitness craze of paddle boarding? Add this sport to your love of swimming to enjoy Lake Tahoe’s crystal clear water.

The Lake Tahoe Water Trail Paddle Community is a great place to start learning about events and connect with others passionate about stand up paddle boarding in Tahoe. They offer a complete listing of  paddle board events on their website.

Paddle boards weigh from 15 to 40 pounds, depending on the style and the weight of the rider. Most are 8-14 feet long. There are several roof rack systems available for easy transportation.

To date, there are eleven locations that offer paddle board rentals and sales. Of these, four offer lessons as well: Adrift TahoeTahoe Adventure CompanyWaterman’s Landing and Tahoe Eco Sports. Find the complete rental list here. Several businesses also sell paddle boards.

Take a look at Tahoe SUP if you’re interested in a custom paddle board. Designer and founder Nate Brouwer has created a new style board that will hold your dog and supplies as well.

Last of all, time to get inspired! View the video below of smooth waters and calm sunsets with gliding by on a paddle board.