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8 Important Considerations for Home Theater Design

home theater

One of the additions that could make your beautiful Tahoe or Truckee home even more stunning is a home theater. Perhaps you have one already? Did you design it yourself, or enlist some expert aid? The process of planning out and then installing home theater can be lengthy. Once you’ve chosen what you want in your system – screen, components, wired or wireless, etc. – the installation hurdle remains.

Here are 8 important considerations for home theater design in your Tahoe or Truckee home:

  1. What kind of display are you looking for? Large might be a given, especially if you have the room for it. But will it be Plasma, LCD, LED, OLEG, or perhaps a video projector? You will likely want High Definition (HD), but in considering that, you may need compatibility for older, analog machines (VCRs or laser disc players for example). Also, consider whether or not you want a 3-D enabled device.
  2. Have you picked out the best room for your system? It doesn’t have to be large, but you do need to look at things like current lighting, carpeting, wall construction, and whether or not you have the space to tuck away most of the components. Will your speakers be mounted in the walls or ceiling? Will they be external? Also think about where you and your family will sit in relation to the screen.
  3. Almost as vital as room location and video are the audio components. Perhaps you love to watch sports events or concerts? Certain components – take AV Receivers – might have much of what you need: AM/FM and HD Radio, XM, or perhaps Satellite Radio. In addition, you will likely want or need a pre-amp. Preamps control audio and video sources, and process stereo/surround sound. You’re going to want several speakers too, so keep in mind the room your home theater will go in.
  4. Several different source components may be in play. You likely have a DVD or Blu-ray player, but then you may be a VHS collector.
  5. In designing your ideal home theatre system, don’t forget that many new devices – including televisions, Blu-ray players, and even smartphones – can connect your new system to the Internet! This is great if you’re a Netflix or YouTube fan.
  6. One of most-overlooked components is a high quality surge-protector. None are 100% dependable, but you will know the value of one the moment you get a nasty power spike.
  7. Other things to consider include the wiring you use, or what kind of wireless protocols are available to you if you go that route.
  8. And there’s the ever-present question of just how many remotes you want to deal with!

Home Theater Review has a great starter article that will help fill in the gaps: click here to read it.

Planning, planning, planning and location, location, location are related here. In orchestrating a great home theater system, you’ll probably choose your location first. Take your time, consider calling in an expert from our community, and make the choices that will enhance your home entertainment experience complement your great Tahoe or Truckee home.

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